Personal Consultations

Personalized, Individual Nutritional Counseling

Dr. Westerdahl is available only by special appointment, for personalized, individual nutritional counseling, offering comprehensive and detailed attention to your diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Westerdahl can recommend an optimal diet plan for your health and longevity. He specializes in Anti-Aging Nutrition, Heart Disease prevention, treatment and reversal diets, cancer prevention, weight management, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Types of Personal Consultations

In Person

Computerized nutrition analysis of your current eating pattern, complete consult with written recommendations and nutritional guidance, menus and recipes, suggested meal plan, answers to you individual nutrition questions, recommendations regarding foods and supplements. Includes up to 2 hours of preparation and analysis followed by 1 hour in person consultation.

Phone Consultation

Complete analysis and consult as described above followed by 1 hour phone consultation. This consultation may be a combination of phone, email, and fax from your home or office

Phone Consultation (without analysis report and without written recommendations)

Phone conversation only, answering your personal diet and nutrition questions, discuss your personal dietary needs and issues, Dr. Westerdahl only provides verbal recommendations.

“Kitchen Nutritional Makeover”

Dr. Westerdahl spends time with you in designing a nutritional makeover of your home kitchen. Get rid of the “bad foods” and replace them with the foods that will give you and your family the optimal nutrition you need for health and longevity. This service is highly customized. For clients who have professional help/staff for food preparation – Dr. Westerdahl and his assistants can work with them in planning nutritious recipes and meals for your home.

“Shop with a Nutritionist”

Dr. Westerdahl can personally shop with you in your favorite store and/or stores to help you select the right types of foods that contribute to health and longevity. Learn how to plan a proper, health-supporting shopping list. Dr. Westerdahl will instruct you in proper label reading of ingredients and show you how to select the proper foods for your personal health and wellness.

Please email Dr. Westerdahl directly at for further information, to schedule appointment, and to determine individual fee. Additional travel and time expenses may apply to some of these services.